Captain America: Civil War, 2016

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson


To be 100% honest, I’ll have to see it again in order to be able to properly judge it. I loved it so much that I don’t quite believe it. This movie is actually fanboying me so hard. Regardless, I will give my opinions. No spoilers.

The movie starts out as a Cap movie, calling back strongly the tone that was present in The Winter Soldier, but quickly evolves into something much bigger. This is essentially Avengers 2.5, with Cap and Iron Man as the main players of the story. The story is very flowing, and you never find yourself questioning what’s going on, one of many things aspects that Batman V Superman failed to achieve, where this one triumphed. What’s more, despite the enormous cast, every character’s motivations are developed, relatable, and rooted in what comes before in the franchise (with the exception of the new players, but more on them later). As a result, it is very easy to care about the fact that all our favourite heroes are fighting. The heart of the movie is definitely down to the two main players though, whose conflicting ideologies and characterisation will have you legitimately struggling to decide who to root for.

The action is perfect, and none of it feels gratuitous. Right on the cusp of an action scene going too long, it will wrap up. Also, unlike previous films, the destruction here doesn’t feel like it’s without consequence. The film’s subject matter allows for casualties, both civilian and superhero, to be at risk and be important, which adds a lot of weight.

One of the biggest criticisms for Age of Ultron I (and many others) had, was the insistence of ‘setting up the universe’. Pointless scenes which serve no other purpose. In Civil War, those scenes are substituted for characters: Spider-Man and Black Panther. Both of them are excellent, which brings me so much joy to say. This is the definitive version of Spider-Man, he’s just perfect. He is undeniably a teenager, and this is a huge part of his character, which I feel we’ve never quite seen before in film. He’s also not just a quick cameo, he’s minor but prominent. Black Panther is a lot more prominent to the story and I while I feel his character was probably the weakest overall, we see enough good stuff from him that I’m excited to see him again in his upcoming solo film.

The movie is also super funny, it had me laughing out loud in all varieties of scenes, especially where Paul Rudd as Ant-Man was involved. There aren’t as many quips/one liners as there usually are in the Avengers films, which is welcome, and the humour is a bit more diverse in nature.

At this stage, the only criticism I can think of is that it’s paced a little strangely and dragged a bit in the middle, but even that can be attributed to the fact that I was watching it at a midnight screening. So I’m going to see it again soon, and I feel you should go see it too. I really loved it.


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