Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Starring: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams


I have a lot of thoughts about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but I don’t think I can really share them without spoilers (despite the trailers already spoiling everything). So…

(Also, I’m aware that this review doesn’t really flow, but neither does the movie so…. I’m up at 4am writing it, please forgive me)

Since the trailers started dropping, especially the second, I haven’t had high hopes for Batman V Superman. The trailer spoiled the entire plot line, and revealed that it wasn’t all that interesting. The movie followed suit. This is a 3 hour movie, and the first hour involves an outstandingly little amount of Batman “V”ing Superman, but instead a lot of exposition about why Batman wants to “V” Superman, debates as to whether Superman should be “V”d and Superman wanting to “V Batman so hard. In this first hour, I found I had little problem with each individual scene, but it all came out as repetitive, and could have probably been shortened heavily.

When Batman actually does “V” Superman, however, the films strengths shine. The fight choreography, direction and execution were masterful. They looked great and were super fun. There were some pretty impressive visuals too, shots that look right out of a comic book, while still seeming natural in film.

The fight between Batman and Superman lasts 10 minutes. 3 hour movie. What?

Also, despite spending an entire hour setting up why Batman and Superman should fight, it all comes down to: Lex Luthor tells Superman that if he doesn’t fight Batman, he will kill his mother. Honestly, it’s quite insulting. To further put salt in the wound, Batman changes his mind about killing Superman because he finds out that Clark Kent’s mother has the same name as his own mother. If the movie was trying to imply that there was a deeper reasoning that Bruce spared Superman’s life, it failed quite hard.

The movie doesn’t flow well either, it suffers from pacing that can only result from shoehorning in many many universe building scenes, characters and references, which ultimately don’t affect the story of this film at all. Age of Ultron had the same problem, but there it seemed to tie into the story a fair bit more, it just reeks of studio involvement: “we have to set up the DCCU guys, the Justice League is coming!” It also seems to have three opening scenes and three closing scenes, but the studio just couldn’t choose one, so they left all of them in.

Ugh. Ok more things I like, I’m gonna list them: Batfleck, a particular scene with a particular Batmobile, Lex “zuckerberg” Luthor, the idea that all the destruction in Metropolis in ‘Man of Steel’ isn’t without consequence.

More things I didn’t like: The side characters who had no other role than to deliver speeches about how important Superman is, how everyone conveniently loves Superman again by the end of the film, negating the debate from that first hour, the number of fake out dream sequences.

Basically, this movie is a mess. It doesn’t really learn from any of the failures of its predecessor, nor does it aim to tell an interesting story about one man “V”ing another. Potholes galore, and it really doesn’t make a lot of sense, the logic goes everywhere.

Also Superman dies. Anyone think he’s really dead? No? K cool bye.


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